Becoming Artist

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The Becoming Artist Movement is home to
a group of artists who are committed to their own Becoming and to yours.

We see art as a gateway that ushers in transformation, genuine dialogue and more of what matters most. 

We wear our highly-sensitive selves
on our sleeves. 

We believe that Art is an Act of Becoming.

We believe in showing up and being seen;
in transforming the darkness into gold;
and giving ourselves permission to express what has been repressed. 

We know that we are here to do Big Things and are finding ways to do them.

We bring together contemporary art, spirituality and personal development and use all three to make art.

We stand for truth your truth and for ours... 
For being human. 

And for figuring it out as we go.



“The artist has to be ravished
by the archetypal unconscious
or there is no art.”


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how it began

The Becoming Artist Movement is the love (and brain) child of Jessica Serran’s
desire to be an artist and to be of service. Birthed in 2016, what began as her own struggle to
break through the myths, traumas and beliefs that hold so many artists back, turned into an International Movement -
one where artists are given permission to use the totality of their human experience, in all its messy,
fleshy glory, to become successful artists and leaders of a global movement
based on the power of creativity and community. 

Learn more about Jessica and the coaching programs that are changing lives.

Becoming Artist Movement

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Becoming Artist International Exhibition_She Spoke_Black Dress

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