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Donna Fromm (USA) is a certified InnerPlay Leader and Reiki Master who has taught and exhibited in California and Minnesota. Donna currently lives in St. Joseph, Minnesota. “All my life, I have had the feeling that there is a magical place where everyone can be themselves, totally, without apology or excuse. As a child I loved playing in the woods, dressing up, dancing, singing, and creating a colorful cast of community characters. I am fascinated by my longing for Soul connection and how it is embodied in creative expression.”


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Sharon Landon (USA) is a multi-faceted artist and designer. Her fine art has been exhibited in California and in her home state of Arkansas. Art and jewelry collectors love her use of color as well as the symbolism and nature-based elements she weaves into her visual stories and intimate writings. “It is through my mixed media art, my stories, designs, and my jewelry making, that I empower and inspire women. I encourage them to own who they are, to honour their stories and to feel their strength as they display the art I create for their walls and wear the jewelry I design to adorn their bodies.”


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Karen Lockert (USA) is best known for her evocative, mixed-media compositions of the vintage, vernacular architecture of West Sonoma County, California where she now lives and works. Karen’s career was launched after retiring as a high school art teacher in Los Angeles. It was then that she began to understand that she had been repeatedly “re-birthing” and “re-homing” herself through her art work. “I was always the kid who daydreamed my way through school, seeing beauty in what most other people thought was quite ordinary, if not downright ugly.”


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Leslie Movsesian (USA) is a Pennsylvania based self-taught artist transitioning from careers in engineering, law and full time motherhood. Formerly ruled by her head and over analysis, she has resolved to listen more to her heart for the latter part of life. “My work is an expression of my voice without sound. It explores themes of family, community and spirituality; capturing those precious memories and universal experiences that keep us connected and feeling loved.”


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Carol Walsh (AU) is a former restaurant owner turned artist who has always been deeply inspired by the Northern Australia coastline - the place where she lives works and finds much of her inspiration. “All my life I have observed the colours, light and shapes that form in the Australian landscape and been fascinated by the way the shapes and curving lines remind her of the human body. Drawing my inspiration from walks along the beach and headlands, I use selected lines from quick sketches to lay the foundation for my work. The colours then follow intuitively.”