In this special visual art exhibition, three artists showcase
the intimate explorations they have made into themselves, the personalities within,
the creation of a Narcissistic personality disorder
and their own needs.



Our events are not just exhibitions, but one-of-a-kind,
intimate art experiences - ones that open up space for connection, sincere
engagement and genuine dialogue. 

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Meet Our Artists


Sharon Paquette (CAN)

Sharon Paquette is a Singer-Songwriter, Teacher and Music Coach/Facilitator for the Becoming Artist Movement. As a Singer-Songwriter she uses carefully crafted recordings and performances to move Self and Others through emotions. When not songwriting she helps other musicians and songwriters discover their Why, craft authentic songs they love and know that their music makes a difference in the world.

Victoria Genberg (USA)

Victoria Genberg has long had an interest in current events. The last several years she has been particularly distressed at the use of alternative realities by people in power, who call a lie an “alternative fact,“ and who appear utterly unconcerned that their lies can be verified to be just that, lies. In this body of work she chooses to explore the dynamics of narcissism. Genberg’s aim is to raise awareness of the psychological processes that are behind some politicians abuse of power.

Coming September 5th…

Coming September 5th…

Caroline Luttringer (BRA)

Raco is the persona of Anne-Caroline Luttringer.
Being raised between countries and continents (France, Argentina and Brazil) prompted her to question her place in society and in the world from an early age. Her curiosity around her own cultural identity as it was being defined and redefined by the changing of cultures led her to a keen interest in pop culture, the narrative of people and of life as a way in to society. Her longing to belong and understand humans colours her experience, and transfers into her work.

Coming September 10th…

Coming September 10th…

Join Us

- three ARTISTS-
- one VERY SPECIAL event - 

Join us for an evening of art, cocktails, delicious food, live performance
and genuine interaction with our three artists. Every aspect of this event is designed to give you
an unprecedented experience of art, exhibitions and each other. 

Friday, Sept 13, 2019 18.00

prague college, bishop’s court

 Biskupský dvůr 1147/6, Prague 1

Meet the Team

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Veronika Chvojková (CZE)
is an Arts Manager and Assistant Curator who has managed some of Prague’s leading contemporary art galleries.

Becoming Artists_Meet the Team_Lucka Gabrovska copy.jpg

Event Manager

Lucka Gabrovská (CZE)
is an Event Coordinator & PR manager specializing in the Czech arts and culture scene as well as weddings and private events.

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Chantelle Goldthwaite (USA)
is a mixed media artist, curator and exhibition organizer living and working in Northern



Lala Lutfalibayova (AZE)
is a photographer, audio-visual
artist and media specialist.

Becoming Artists_Meet the Team_Eyenie Schultz.jpg

eyenie schultz
style alchemist

Eyenie Schultz (USA)
is an ICONIC Image Consultant + Style Alchemist living in
the South of France.

Becoming Artists_Meet the Team_Jessica Serran.jpg

jessica serran

Jessica Serran (CAN)
is a Visual Artist and the Leader of the Becoming Artist Movement. She currently lives in Prague, CZ.


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